WoodBlocX crop protector demo

WoodBlocX crop protectors are functional mild steel rods that support netting in raised beds - once installed, they enable you to grow safe in the knowledge that your plants and veggies are protected from all manner of garden pests!

Crop protectors can be used to make fruit cages and netted vegetable patches. We recommend a crop protector in every corner of your raised bed. Larger raised beds will require a crop protector every 1500mm to make sure your netting is fully supported.

Please note - we only sell crop protectors, we DO NOT supply netting. You can buy netting at most garden centres or DIY shops.

For more information about how to install our WoodBlocX crop protectors, please read our instructions.

Here's a review from one very happy customer...
The crop protectors are a very ingenious design and super easy to install. They can also be removed very easily for the winter when not in use.